Linking Reading Log to Spreadsheet

Recently one of my blog readers requested a tutorial about linking a Google Forms Reading Log to a Spreadsheet. They explained they are a new teacher and not quite so savvy. This was a good lesson for me about simplifying my blog posts. If you are a teacher interested in creating a custom Google Forms Reading Log then the following directions are for you.

The first tutorial will explain how to create the Google Form. This will be followed by a tutorial for linking the Google Forms to a spreadsheet for collecting the student’s reading data. You will also learn how to copy a Form for making it possible to build a spreadsheet which includes a tab for each individual student’s data. This may provide individualized longitudinal data supporting the readers growth. It is possible to import group data onto a separate sheet for further study.

Beyond collecting data using a Forms & Sheets Reading log becomes a timesaver for teachers. It puts all the information in one single place making it easier for accessing the information.

Creating a Google Forms Reading Log

NOTE: You will need to make multiple copies of the Form. One Form per Student because this is the only way to link individual student sheets to One Spreadsheet.

Linking a Sheet to Create a Spreadsheet


NOTE: The above steps will allow the teacher to view all the students in one spreadsheet

Google Sheets Gridlines All Gone!

Okay it took me all year to discover how to eliminate the Gridlines from a Google Sheet. This is going to give my interactive creations a cleaner look. Oh my! You won’t believe how Easy this is to do!!!

How to Remove Gridlines from Google Sheets

Creating Flashcards Using Google Sheet Template

Today during an Ed Tech Professional Development workshop I created a flashcard. You wouldn’t believe how simple this was to do using a Google Sheet Template supplied by the Flippity Website. This is what the flashcards looked like once published to the internet.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 5.48.39 PM

I like how provides several different tools once the vocabulary list is published to the internet.


This view provides a listing of the vocabulary words along with the definition

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 5.48.57 PM


Print quiz option creates assessments from the vocabulary information entered into a Google Spreadsheet

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 5.49.12 PM


flippy copy template

  • Edit the Flippity Google Spreadsheet

flippy edit

  • Publish Spreadsheet to the web ~ copy the link
  • Paste the link into the second sheet of the spreadsheet

Flippity step 1 2

  • A link for the Flippity Flashcards will be generated for sharing

Flippity link

Eezy Peezy to Insert a Chart as a Separate Google Sheet

Today a colleague asked if I knew how to insert a chart as a separate sheet in Google Sheets. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do. Here is a screencast I created to share the steps for inserting a chart as a separate sheet in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Tip: Is the Sentence Blocked by Neighboring Cells?

Today I was reading a Google Sheet which was shared with me as view only. It drove me crazy because neighboring cells blocked what I was trying to read. There is a simple fix for this but it was impossible for me to do because I didn’t have editing rights. I found a round about way to view the information. Luckily in view only one can still copy and paste information. I copied the cell to a Google Doc and it let me view the hidden text.

When working with Google Sheets this is what one has to do for preventing text from being hidden by neighboring a cells. Use the text wrapping tool. Click on text wrapping in the dropdown click on the wrap tool (sideway’s U).

G-Sheets Return