Guardian Summaries Makes Life Easier!

Sample Guardian Summary Copied from
Google Classroom Help Center Resource:
About guardian email summaries

Google Classroom couldn’t make it any easier for strengthening a school to home connection by supplying weekly or daily assignment updates. A Guardian Summary is autogenerated by Google Classroom to provide guardians & parents with an assignment due date along with updates about missing assignments. One beauty of a Guardian Summary is how it automatically adds all the Google Courses for the student into one email. It couldn’t be any easier than that! 

Globally many families are taken on different responsibilities with their child’s learning due to the impact of COVID-19. Everyone in the world is dealing with extra anxieties. Guardian summaries can alleviate some of the assignment communication anxieties added upon teachers, students, and parents due to the COVID-19 Challenge. Learn more about setting up of Guardian summaries by reading the Following Google Classroom Help Center Resources:

  1. About Guardian Email Summaries
  2. Setup Guardian Email Summaries
  3. Guardian Email Summaries FAQ’s

Receive Daily Spreadsheet Edit Agenda

Teachers you can receive a daily notifications agenda when students make changes to a collaborative Google spreadsheet. What is the value? If students are working as small groups on projects you can see who contributed information.  The email provides a list of the Student and the time the edits occurred in a daily agenda notification. All the teacher has to do is go into the spreadsheet then look at the Revision History to see exactly what the students typed. It gives a whole new perspective on assessing student’s work.

Spreadsheet Notifications.gif

Setup Google Spreadsheet Notifications

  • Choose Tools in the spreadsheet toolbar
  • Scroll down to Notifications Rules and click
  • Pop-up window opens for set notification rules
  • Click the blue edit in the upper right
  • Choose between:
    • Any changes are made
    • A user submits a form
  • Next you choose between a daily email or multiple emails
    • Email daily digest (one email daily)
    • Email right away  (every time a student logins to make a change)
      • Gmail maybe flooded with email

NOTE: Timesaver for teacher prevents the need to sift through tons of email!