Duplicate Tool Speeds Up Creating with Google Forms

The duplicate tool is a handy feature offered within a Google Form. This tool duplicates the question and answer fields. It is an efficient tool because it helps speed up the process of creating assessments, surveys, exit tickets and etc…

Duplicate Tool Google Forms.gif


  • Open a Google Form in Edit Mode
  • Choose a Question Style
  • Click the Duplicate Symbol in the Upper Right Hand Corner

Untitled drawing (14)

As you can see the feature is amazingly simple to use and packs a powerful punch by speeding up the creation process.

STEP 1: Creating a Differentiated Google Forms Assessment

Okay so I couldn’t wait for the Differentiated Assessment to be finished before sharing. STEP 1 is only one tiny baby step and I promise STEP 2 will WOW you!  In STEP 1 a Google Forms is used to create the assessment. The trick used in this step is the adding of multiple Google Forms pages. This way each question appears on a page by itself. Hopefully this will lessen some anxieties towards testing.

Recently I took an on-line test and found it so much easier to focus on answering the question when presented on individual pages. When multiple questions appear on a page it can be distracting. This is because it compels the test taker  to read them instead of focusing on answering one question at a time. It is so much easier to focus on answering a question when it is isolated. Another beneficial modification in STEP 1 is the addition of visuals. The visuals tend to be in color making it much easier for the student to recognize the fine details.

Directions for Creating Individual Pages in a Google Forms 

  1. Open Google Forms
  2. In the Tool Bar Click on INSERT
  3. Scroll down to Page Break and Click

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.43.20 PM

If you are successful this is what the Google Forms Assessment will look like.

G-Form 1page per question