Why I Joined the Google Products Expert Program

In 2016 I joined the Google Top Contributor Program, which eventually evolved into the Google Product Expert (PE) Program. The first thing I’d like to share is the premise of both programs was to provide volunteer support in the Social Media realm, including the Google Help Forums now Community. At the time, the life of being Googley appealed to me. Plus, helping people struggling using technology was intrinsically rewarding. The Google PE program was also a good fit for expanding my knowledge bank as I started the journey of becoming a Certified Google for Education Trainer.

There is nothing more motivating than receiving an uplifting reply from a struggling product user.

In 2016 I didn’t know diddly squat about the Google Product Expert Program. I used Twitter to help Google for Education (now Workspace for Education) users with product applications. While chatting with educators on Twitter, I received a direct message. The message started with, “I’m an employee of Google….” My first thought was, “This got to be a scam.” The first thing I did was a Google search on this person. To my amazement, this Twitter handle was the real deal. After meeting in a video chat with the Google Employee, I decided the Google program was a good fit. It was a tool for supporting the growth of my knowledge bank and provided me another method for helping people who were struggling with using technology.

Kindly note this is the first post of a series focused on the Google Product Experts Program.