On No! My Dog Ruined My Homework!!!


Last week a students said, “Hey Ms. Drasby can you help me?” “My dog was sitting on my lap and deleted some of the words from several questions.” It was a simple but time consuming fix to use the Revision History to fix and maintain the integrity of the students answers. I had to copy and paste the correct info from several different restoration time periods. While doing this it dawned on me how to prevent this from happening again by using a Google Slide to create the worksheet.

All one has to do is use the master editing mode when designing the worksheet in Google Slides. This hidden treasure will help protect the integrity of a worksheet from accidental erasure. It also limits the layouts if students need to add a slide to complete the work.

How to Edit the Slide’s Master

  1. Open Google Slides
  2. Click View, followed by Selecting Master
  3. Edit Name, Click Rename
  4. Click Done
  5. Change Page Size
  6. Delete Slides
  7. Edit Blank Slide by Adding Image and Text
  8. Click Outer Slide Deck to Finish


The Advantage of Creating a Worksheet by Editing the  View Master It Prevents the Student from Easily Changing Worksheet Information 

Still Printing Worksheets? Use Google Drawing…

Teachers if you are still creating printalbe worksheets Google Drawing is perhaps the easiest Google APP for Education (GAfE) component to use. My preference is to go paperless and GAfE offers a variety of ways to do this depending upon the results one is looking for. However today’s focus is upon how to create “Printable Worksheets.”

When it comes to creating worksheets most teachers are drawn to starting with a Google Doc. However it isn’t an efficient way to create what I refer to as “Down and Dirty” quick worksheets for printing.  Try a Google Drawing you may find this will eliminate struggles with aligning and layering of  images, tables and etc… It is easy to place contend just where you want with a Google Drawing.

Google Drawing Create Printable Worksheets

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Click the “Red New”
  • Scroll down & click on Google Drawing
    • You may need to click on more

Google Drawing open it.gif

  • Once in Google Drawing:
    • Create custom page setup:
      • Set for 8.5 inch by 11 inch (standard paper size)

Google Drawing.png

  • Add text box for directions & questions

Drawing insert textbox.gif

  • Add images

Google Drawing Image.gif

  • File Print

Google Drawing print.gif