Of Course you Can Label Diagrams in a Google Doc Worksheet!!!

Recently I was asked if there was a way to label images in a Google Doc? The answer is Yes! All you have to do is think a “little out of the box”. What do I mean? You can’t add the image as “Insert Image” however if you choose “Insert a Drawing” it will allow you to insert an image where text boxes may be added for  labeling.  This is the easiest way for a teacher to create Google Docs worksheets where students can practice labeling diagrams along with writing a research summary or answering questions.

How to Insert an Image for Labeling


Tips for Creating Doc’s & Slides Worksheets

This is a compilation of a few tips for alleviating stress when using Google Docs and Slides as worksheets. First let me state I feel traditional worksheets aren’t always the best method for supporting learning, but if a teacher is going to digitize a traditional looking worksheet. “Why make it frustrating?”

When it comes to using technology there are many different factors which can slow a person down filling in a digitized worksheet. If one has small motor issues or are challenged by eye to hand coordination typing digital answers may be challenging. Keep in mind frustration doesn’t only set in due to physical issues, it could be as simple as the accidental deletion of text.  This can change the whole layout of the worksheet making it difficult to find where the answer belongs. Below are a couple of other scenarios to support the above statements:

  • Imagine if you have difficulties highlighting and were told to highlight the line followed by typing the answer. Wouldn’t this frustrate you if the teacher moved on and you were still typing the answer?  Highlighting is a skill which even slows down the experienced adult user when typing and editing a document.
  • What if the answer was long and changed the format of the worksheet? When you looked up at the interactive whiteboard to copy down the next bit of information everything looks different!

If the worksheets were setup differently this could prevent undue challenges while typing traditional notes and answers into a worksheet.

Make It Easy for Students to Use

When using a Google Doc Type the questions and place a single cell table for the answer. This will provide the student with a clickable area to type the answer. If you color fill the cell this would make it even easier for the student to find where they left off.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 2.39.31 PM.png

Click here to make a copy of the template

How to Insert One Cell as Answer Placeholder

  1. Open a Google Doc
  2. In the Tool Bar Click Table
  3. Select Insert Table 1×1
  4. Click More
  5. Select Paint Bucket Tool
  6. Choose a light color
  7. Repeat Steps 4 to 7 
    • Click Custom and adjust color shade

Insert Table.gif

Alleviate Errors Due to Deletions

Google Slides offers a magical tool called, “View Master” this allows you to customize layouts by locking down graphics and text. When using this tool it lessens the chances of students deleting worksheet information while typing. This is because the words and images you edit in “View Master” are locked into the background of the slides template.

Please Click Here to Make a Copy of the Template

How to Edit Google Slides View Master

This demonstration is going to use the George Washington Worksheet represented in the above Google Doc.Open a Google Slides

  1. Select Page Setup

    • Next to Screen size
      • Click Downarrow
    • Choose Custom
    • Type 8.5 x 11
    • Click Done

Slides Custom Page Setup (2).png

  1. Click View
  2. Select Master
  3. Delete Slides
  4. Edit Master
    • Insert
      • image, shapes,
      • placeholders or text
  5. Click Slide Deck

Slides Edit View Master.png

Still Printing Worksheets? Use Google Drawing…

Teachers if you are still creating printalbe worksheets Google Drawing is perhaps the easiest Google APP for Education (GAfE) component to use. My preference is to go paperless and GAfE offers a variety of ways to do this depending upon the results one is looking for. However today’s focus is upon how to create “Printable Worksheets.”

When it comes to creating worksheets most teachers are drawn to starting with a Google Doc. However it isn’t an efficient way to create what I refer to as “Down and Dirty” quick worksheets for printing.  Try a Google Drawing you may find this will eliminate struggles with aligning and layering of  images, tables and etc… It is easy to place contend just where you want with a Google Drawing.

Google Drawing Create Printable Worksheets

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Click the “Red New”
  • Scroll down & click on Google Drawing
    • You may need to click on more

Google Drawing open it.gif

  • Once in Google Drawing:
    • Create custom page setup:
      • Set for 8.5 inch by 11 inch (standard paper size)

Google Drawing.png

  • Add text box for directions & questions

Drawing insert textbox.gif

  • Add images

Google Drawing Image.gif

  • File Print

Google Drawing print.gif

GAfE Image Options Used for Photocopies

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but I still use a printer and photocopier at school. Pretty amazing in the move towards a paperless society! This is still a challenge in areas where internet services is limited. Yes! I mean students may actually have NO Internet connection at home! This makes it necessary to print and photocopy worksheets for students. In a case like this is when I find the Image Options setting to be handy.

The image option setting makes it possible to change the color of clipart. It also allows the user to turn the graphic into a black and white line drawing. This will use less ink and provide a clearer image for the worksheet. The image option is found in Google Docs, Drawings, and Slides

Image Options