Build Yourself Wild!

Today I stumbled upon the “Build Yourself Wild” website! After creating the wild version of myself the creative potentials of this site hit me. Why not have students design the “Wild Hybrid Version of Themselves” and then write a story about their transformation. This is a perfect fun idea for engaging students with becoming creative writers.



  • Choose body
  • Choose from the different body parts and background
  • When finished click “I’m Done”
  • Save your wild self to the desktop
  • Insert the “Build Yourself Wild” image file into a Google Doc or Google Slide

Students will write a story using the “Build Yourself Wild” image as their inspiration. This visual will support the student with writing details about character and setting. Their “Wild Self” may also inspire an adventurous story. Unlock the student’s imagination by letting them create their “Wild Self.”


Use a Google Form to Support Visual Literacy

Google Forms can be one of the most versatile tools offered by the Google Apps for Education (GAfE) platform. Visual cues can be provided guiding the students to forming ideas for writing. All the data entered by the student is collected into a spreadsheet. This provides one sheet to view all the results.
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.56.20 AM

Imagine not having to flip through stacks of worksheets. One can consider Google Forms as an interactive worksheet both benefitting the student and teacher alike. What can be wrong with a tech tool which supports a dual purpose in the world of education? A Google Form is amongst one of the best tech tools an educator can use to support the growth of their student’s visual literacy skills.

Thanks to the ever expanding digital society we live in Visual Literacy has become a set of abilities which a student will use on a daily basis. The use of Visual Literacy Skills enables an individual to effectively find, interpret, evaluate, use, and create images and visual media. Visual Literacy Skills nurtures both critical and creative thinking skills. One way to hone your student’s visual literacy skills is by presenting a visual picture along with a set of questions. A Google Forms is a perfect tool to both present visual cues and collect the creative writings from a group of students.

Here is an example of a Google Form for supporting Visual Literacy:


Keep an eye open for future posts about creating and using Google Forms.